Suboxone Program

We are proud of our Suboxone program and our mission is for you to have a healthier, drug-free lifestyle. Our hopes are to improve the lives of individuals who struggle with drug dependency. We enter this relationship with the intent that you will be successful in your recovery. We realize that this is not an easy step for you to take. This may not even be a step that you want to do; but, at this time, you feel it is important for you to do. We have put together a program that has the best chances of you being successful. This is not necessarily the easiest or most convenient, but that is not our goal. If you are sincere about being in recovery for drug dependency, then this is the program for you.

Appointments for new Suboxone clients will be available beginning September 4th, 2018.


Our program starts with counseling. If you are interested in joining our program, the first step will be to set an appointment for counseling. By contacting our reception staff, they’ll fit you in with a participating provider at the soonest availability. THIS APPOINTMENT WILL NOT BE FOR YOUR PRESCRIPTION.

After establishing your counseling appointment, you’ll be given instructions for contacting the prescribing physicians. This is the appointment that will provide you with your Suboxone prescription. The physician’s office will get you into the first available appointment that fits your needs.

Our therapists are located in our office in Alma, but our physicians are located in an office in St. Johns, Michigan.


1) How often do I have to come to counseling/doctor visits?

Typically, you’ll start out attending sessions weekly. The frequency of your visits and the amount of time that you have to stay at that frequency will be determined by you and your therapist.

The frequency of your physician visits is determined by your physician, but will likely be weekly. Longer prescriptions require a higher level of recovery and must be earned. Noncompliance with treatment will result in your prescription length being decreased.

2) Can I see another counselor, but still be part of the program?

Our program requires that you attend counseling sessions with Gratiot Psychological Services therapists and see physicians at Clinton County Medical Center in St. Johns. While you are welcome to continue seeing other therapists for your mental health needs, you will also be required to see your therapist specific to the program.

3) I’ve been in recovery before. Do I have to see my counselor weekly?

While every client’s needs are going to be different, the large majority of clients will see their counselor weekly in individual or group therapy sessions.

4) Can I attend NA or AA meetings instead of my counseling sessions?

Attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings is a great additional step for your recovery, but it is not a substitute for individual therapy sessions with your counselor.

5) Is Suboxone for alcohol withdrawal?

Suboxone is specifically used for helping a person get off of opiates. Suboxone is not approved for use in withdrawing from alcohol.

6) I am currently taking Suboxone for chronic pain management. Can I do that in your program?

While some physicians are comfortable prescribing Suboxone for chronic pain management, our program is specifically designed for people getting off of an opioid substance.


At your first counseling appointment, you’ll need your photo ID and insurance card. You’ll need to arrive 20 minutes early for paperwork, or you can choose to print off the paperwork here¬†and bring it filled out to your appointment.

At your first physician’s appointment, you’ll need your photo ID and insurance card. You’ll need to arrive early for paperwork, or you can choose to print off the paperwork here.