Gratiot Hearing Care

Do you not hear as well as you used to?

Do you ask people to talk louder or repeat themselves a lot?

Are people telling you to get your ears checked?

It may be time to take a hearing test! There are many reasons why your hearing may be going. Here at Gratiot Hearing Care, we offer hearing care to those who need to check their hearing levels.

Getting your hearing tested is quick and painless! You will sit down with one of our hearing specialists and discuss your concerns. The listening portion of the test will take about 30-minutes. Our specialist will play a series of noises and tones to help decipher your level of hearing. After going over the results with you, our hearing specialist will make a recommendation for moving forward.

If you’re ready to improve your hearing, call Gratiot Psychological Services at (989) 796- 4555 to schedule your hearing test today!